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python / video game design

comments on 

why python?
graphics - what is processing?

variables - computer memory at your service!
what is the interpreter?
input output - doing more computery stuff

graphics - coordinate system
basic shapes - rect, ellipse, line, 
colour - fill
background - 
doing text

variables - what is assignment? interementing?
operators - +, -, *, /

graphics two
reading the reference manual - (what is the reference manual? use examples code / copy the manual? / epydoc?) (what would a python/libraries type manual look like? code docs plus comments? or re-written?)
other stuff to know - stroke, strokeWeight, noStroke
triangle, curves

the comparator (1/3 essental elements of all computers)
the if statement - making computers really smart!
different kinds of comparsions: ==, !=, >, <, >=, <= (and some fancy examples for later - in)
the flow chart

for loop (using range)
drawing 100 shapes

processing state machine
setup - stuff you do once
main loop - draw - stuff you do over and over
animating by incrementing a variables
processing process in graphical form - the flow chart

processing state machine 2
global variables 

what are functions? why bother?
creating your own function
passing values in
getting stuff out
what is this in / out stuff anyways? / flow charts

arrays pt 2

would the real python for loop stand up

2D arrays
game board

tic tac toe project
- final project in ics201

connect 4 
- final project in ics3U



combo oo array mix - lists of objects