Generative Design

Designs created using Processing and Python. Also using P5 in notebooks powered by the amazing browser based Basthon notebook. I post more of these on Instagram.

  • Selected Ambient Works 85-92
    Generative posters based on song titles from on of my favorite ambient records Selected Ambient Works 85-92. These grew out of modifications to the previous Bauhaus exhibition style posters. These use a pure grid system … Read more
  • Curve-Stitching the Cardioid Using Python
    Recently I came across a copy of an journal called the mathematics teacher from December of 1978. It is full of interesting math and computer related classroom ideas. This particular issue had an article titled … Read more
  • Bauhaus Sketches
    Bauhaus inspired geometric designs created using generative code in Python/Processing. These images were created using a set of rules along with random positing and colours for the elements. Colours were chosen from previously created palettes. … Read more
  • Music by the Numbers
    Music by the Numbers by Eli Maor – cover recreated using Processing and Python. Processings makes drawing the graphic very simple – create a function, loop and translate. Code available as a Gist – needs … Read more
  • OEIS A265326
    Plot of OEIS A265326 in Python / p5 “And what does the graph look like? It’s amazing. It’s a series of parallelograms – aligned along the x-axis.” I created a plot of OEIS A265326 after … Read more
  • FACT 75 Colour Code
    Last year I spent some time programming a colour code wheel based on the one on several New Order releases including FACT 75 – Power, Corruption & Lies. Peter Saville created this code using two … Read more
  • Permutation City
    Python code running on the web to re-interpret the graphic cover from Permutation City.