Recent Python / Jupyter Notebooks using the excellent Basthon notebook. These notebooks run fully in the browser and can run Processing sketches by using P5.js. Notebooks created in Python mode in Processing can easily by run in a notebook with only a couple of small changes to names. Basthon also has other additional modules including Numpy, Matlibplot and Sympy.

  • AoC Heightmap
    Part of my solution for Advent of Code 21 Day 9 – a Jupyter / Python notebook to create a graphic from the height data that was provided. The solution required this map and I thought a graphic of it might be fun to create.
  • Curve-Stitching the Cardioid Using Python
    Recently I came across a copy of an journal called the mathematics teacher from December of 1978. It is full of interesting math and computer related classroom ideas. This particular issue had an article titled Curves-Stitching the Cardioid and Related Curves. These types of images were something… Read More »Curve-Stitching the Cardioid Using Python
  • OEIS A265326
    Plot of OEIS A265326 in Python / p5 “And what does the graph look like? It’s amazing. It’s a series of parallelograms – aligned along the x-axis.” I created a plot of OEIS A265326 after watching Neil Sloane on Numberphile. The series is composed of the primes written… Read More »OEIS A265326