FACT 75 Colour Code

Last year I spent some time programming a colour code wheel based on the one on several New Order releases including FACT 75 – Power, Corruption & Lies. Peter Saville created this code using two coloured rectangles stacked vertically. The code had a colour wheel which cycled through the alphabet and gave you a decoder ring to read the messages.

Below you can enter your message and have it outputted in using the FACT 75 colour code.

Originally I wrote this using Python mode in Processing that could only run on a computer. Here I have created a barely modified edit to run using pyp5js

Python with Processing graphics running on pretty on anyone’s machine with a recent browser, amazing!

The edit was very straight forward. A few names are different but that was about all. It was so simple I had to remind myself that I was now using P5.js for instance when I would look up something on the reference. It was easy to forget.

There are a few things I would like to add, a simple word wrap algorithm and perhaps some more control over the style of the letters being displayed. Currently the letters are picking up the stroke from the previous colour code, originally a bug, but, I liked the way it looked so I’ve left in for now.