BTT Summative

Our final project for this course will be to create an online digital portfolio. This will include a planning mind map and a set of HTML pages the will be the portfolio itself. The project will also be presented to the class (and the class will participate in marking and commenting on it) during the moratorium period.

Mind Map Due: December 20th, 2012

Due: January 15th, 2013 

Presentations: January 17th - 21nd

Projects handed in late will lose marks - please make sure to discuss any issues around deadlines with your teacher to prevent this from happening. Projects can not be accepted after the moratorium week.

Planning and Preparation

  • Organize the work you have done in this class into folders such as: MS Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, Hardware, Careers, Ergonomics
  • Create a Site Map using Smart Ideas that will contain:
    • What work / projects / information your portfolio will include
    • How the project will be organized
  • Have your teacher check your Mind Map / Site Map before moving on.

Production - Writing Content / Creating Your Site

  • Create a short write up for each of the sections outlining what we covered in each area.
  • Link a few examples of your for each section. You can publish most documents as PDF by printing them to a PDF
  • Create the text for your Welcome Page, include a photo of yourself (or some other signature image). You should include a paragraph or 2 of text that explains what the portfolio is about. Level 4M/4H should be a longer version that talks about what business and technology means to you - you may talk about the tools, techniques, projects or any thing else you think relates
  • Write a short (120-250 words) reflection about what you have learned about productivity software (think MS Word, Excel, Access and Publisher). What did you like/dislike about each? Where could you see yourself needing to use them in the future.
  • Include your Digital Resume. Make sure you update it and put as much information into it as possible.


  • Copy your site to a new folder (this is similar to dropping your site off)
  • Check each page to make sure:
    • all your images are still linked and working properly
    • your links are working
    • all your files are linked properly

Drop Off 

  • Drop off your finished site by copying the site folder to Drop Off


  • Prepare a short presentation (3-5 minutes) that you will make to the class
    • pick 2 or 3 pages / projects to highlight that you think were your best
    • make some presentation notes
    • run through your presentation with a friend and time it
  • Presentations will take place during moratorium week
  • You will be responsible for hearing all classmate's presentations and are required to provide feedback


    Start Reflection Organize Files
 Dec 17 
Collect Documents and Digital Resume

 Digital Resume
 Site Map Build Pages 
 Jan 7
 Create Welcome 
 Page and  
 Create Welcome  
 Page and  
 Create Section Pages Section Pages Any Remaining  
 Jan 14
 Remaining Tasks 
 Project Due
 Website Due
 Presentations Presentations
 Jan 21 
 Revisions Due / 
 Projects Not 
 Accepted After 
 This Date