Monday, March 19 - In Class Assignment

I hope you all had a great break. Today you will be working on your presentations.

Remember several weeks ago you selected a technology pioneer to do a presentation on. If you can't remember who you selected then just select someone again and work on some research and presentation.

I would like everyone to do a presentation - this will be part of your communication mark and good practice for presenting.

Presentations will be:
  • fairly short - between 2-4 minutes long
  • will include something on the projector - either Powerpoint or Prezzie (or something similar)
  • number of slides might be in the order of 6-10 slides
  • make sure NOT to put lots of text in your Powerpoint! make it more for graphics or images or a few key points
  • we will have a couple of presentations each class over the next little while - I will just select students at random - we will start on Wed or Thurs
  • make sure to discuss: what was the technology that this person contributed to, how did they contribute - what was their role / was there a specific product or idea that they contributed?, impact of the technology - do you use this technology in some way/ how is it important to people today?
Today - make sure to start a Powerpoint and get some research done. If you have enough for a 2-4 minute presentation then practice it on a friend in class.