4. Challenge: Escape the Maze!

Our challenge will be to create a robot to navigate a maze. This would be an activity that might be used in a grade 12 TER class with a good amount of practice having taken place with programming in NQC. This project could be a summative project or a smaller version of it could be used earlier in the course.

Build The Maze

We will build our maze by using the cardboard cutouts I have created and masking tape to hold the structure together in the middle of the class. As a class we will create this configuration of a simple maze:


As a class we will strategize and share ideas of how you can programmatically accomplish this. 

Build Our Robots and Code

Break up into your groups and modify your existing robot to be able to know more about it's surroundings. You can make use of the Lego touch sensor, light sensor or whatever else you wish to use.

Start coding some solutions for the maze navigation. Start with the simplest idea you can code or if you have a experienced programming in your group jump right into an advanced algorhythm.


First we will run our robots through the maze in a competitive celebration. The overall winner will have to complete the maze and do so in the best time.