Wikis In The Classroom

The Netsupport Workshop materials are available on the local network in the Teacher Share / Computer Studies folder.

  Wiki Wiki Workshop                       


James Cordiner

Com Tech and Computer Science

Fri, Nov 18, 2010


Using Google Sites and Wikispaces in Your Classes

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Tech in My Classes

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  Technology In My Classroom                                                                      

  • Google Sites 
  • Python Programming 

  • Java Games
  • Audio and Animation
  • Andriod and Programming Contests
  • CS and Masquerade


  Shared Tips                                                                                                 

Zoom Utility

OSAPAC Software

Net Support

  • when networked computers in the class are too much of a good thing...
  • gives you options over
    • limiting net access 
    • locking out certain applications
    • share your screen with the whole or part of the class
    • being able power on/off the machines at the start/end of the day (though I am not sure this is working perfectly)
    • various other things that I haven't really looked at (messaging, sharing files, submitting work)
  • powerful just to use to lock screens when not paying attention

Smart Recorder

  Workshop:    Wikis In The Classroom                                                        


Wikis In The Classroom

Google Sites

But wait! What about AW or the school website or ....?!
  • free
  • rock solid
  • minimal but powerful
  • easily integrate images, videos, diagrams and other media


Publishing - Tab > Google Sites Help Page



  • Adding Students (or other users) and Roles
  • Students Editing?
  • Revisions
  • Comments



  • Have not been using this beyond a quick test (then I settled on Google Sites)
  • Wikispaces for Educators

  • Private, no cost and ad free

  • Easy to use

  • Can import student list from spreadsheet

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