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Summative - Digital Portfolio

Our final project for this course will be to create an online digital portfolio. This will include a planning mind map and a set of HTML pages the will be the portfolio itself. The project will also be presented to the class (and the class will participate in marking and commenting on it) during the moratorium period.

Mind Map Due: December 21st, 2011

Due: January 16th, 2012  Revisions Due: January 24th, 2012

Presentations: January 17th - 23rd

Projects handed in late may lose marks - please make sure to discuss any issues around deadlines with your teacher to prevent this from happening. Projects can not be accepted after the moratorium week.


  • Create a Mind Map using Smart Ideas that will contain:
    • What work / projects / information your portfolio will include
    • How the project will be organized / Site Map
    • What the look and feel of your portfolio will have
    • Have a look at the ideas on this page
  • Have your teacher check your Mind Map / Site Map before moving on.

Preparation - Collection Media / Writing Content

  • Collect together all the work you have created for this class 
    • export your Audacity as an MP3
    • export your Flash project as a SWF
    • export or collect screenshots (PNG, JPEG) for each of your other graphic projects
    • collect any other Word or Powerpoint docs you will use
  • Create the text for your Welcome Page, include a photo of yourself (or some other signature image). You should include a paragraph or 2 of text that explains what the portfolio is about. Level 4M/4H should be a longer version that talks about what Communications Technology means to you - you may talk about the tools, techniques, projects or any thing else you think relates 
  • Create a short paragraph for each page / project you will be including - explain what the project was about, what tools you used, what your ideas for the project were. Level 4M/4H should include some insightful, creative text that is about 2-3 paragraphs long.  

Production - Creating Your Site

    • Start building out your site using Dreamweaver 
      • start with your Welcome Page page
      • include all of the projects you have prepared
      • leave your navigation bar (if you are using one) until you are nearly finished


      • Export your audio project as an mp3
      • Try using the audio and embed code below - the audio tag is for Chrome and the embed tag is for IE
      • If you want the audio to start playing right away change the autoplay and autostart to settings to "true" 

          <audio controls="controls">
          <source src="Weightless - All Time Low.mp3" autoplay="false" type="audio/mpeg"/>
          <embed height="50px" width="300px" src="Weightless - All Time Low.mp3" autostart="false" />


      • Copy your site to a new folder (this is similar to dropping your site off)
      • Check each page to make sure:
        • all your images are still linked and working properly
        • your styles are working
        • your links are working
        • your Flash and any other media are working properly

      Drop Off 

      • Drop off your finished site by copying the site folder to Drop Off
      • Finished site is due on Mon, January 16
      • If a completed site is dropped off by the deadline then you may re-submit an updated version to the revisions drop off folder no later then 3:15, Jan 24


      • Prepare a short presentation (3-5 minutes) that you will make to the class
        • NO need for a Powerpoint
        • pick 2 or 3 projects to highlight that you think were your best
        • make some presentation notes
        • run through your presentation with a friend and time it
      • Presentations will take place during moratorium week
      • You will be responsible for hearing all classmate's presentations and are required to provide feedback

      Portfolio - What To Include

      You should include at least 8 projects from the following (in addition to Graphic Resume/Welcome Page):

       Welcome Page

       Flash Animation
       Tech Lab Mind Map and   
       Warhol You
       Almost Famous project
       Inkscape Doll
       Logo Research Mind Map
       My Logo Project
       Graphic Designer Presentation   
       Redesign Project
       120 Seconds Until Class
        Video Project

       Any other multimedia/design  
       projects you have completed
       that you wish to add.

       A resume.


         Dec 14
       Mind Map and
       Site Map
       Mind Map / Site
       Dec 19
       Collect Projects  
       Collect Projects  
       and Screenshots
       Build Pages Build Pages Holiday Party / Short Class
       Jan 9
       Create Welcome
       Page and  
       Create Welcome  
       Page and  
       Testing Create  
       Any Remaining  
       Jan 16
       Remaining Tasks 
       Project Due
       Presentations    Presentations Presentations Presentations
       Jan 23 
       Revisions Due /
       Projects Not
       Accepted After
       This Date


       Mind Map 3 4L 4M 4H
       Site Map    
       Projects Pages - Images    
       Welcome Page    
       Overall Number of Projects / Descriptions    

      Subpages (1): Portfolio Mind Map