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Web Page Design and HTML with Notepad

We are going to create a simple web page using Notepad. This will allow us to start out by learning about basic HTML and how to use images, make links and tables and headings.


  • Assemble some content - grab an image of yourself (or something else) and write a couple of quick lines
  • Open Notebook
  • Create a folder with your name as the title
  • Drop your image info the folder
  • Save a new file using Notebook in the folder - call it index.html
  • Follow along with your teacher on how to create the basic web page


Work through the tutorial at and through the contents of the tutorial.
Do NOT do Forms or Putting It All Together.

Tags To Use

Edit your index.html file and add content using the following tags:
  • <image>
  • <h1>
  • <p>
  • <a href>
  • <html> and <body>

Also incorporate lists and tables into your page.

When you drop off your work make sure to drop off the entire folder.