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Basic CSS

CSS is the way all modern websites define the look and feel of their webpages. Though it is a bit complicated at first CSS is very powerful and understanding how it works will really help us when we are creating content for the web.


  1. Copy your folder from the first web page you created.
  2. Read the HTML Dog Beginner CSS Tutorial
  3. Start by adding some internal CSS styles using  the code described in the middle of this page at the end of this page
  • Style the page using the techniques in the tutorial from selectors to borders.
  • Work through the tutorial and try playing around with your style sheet and adding the following:
    • colours
    • text size and fonts
    • margins and padding (to one of your <p> paragraphs)
    • border (also to one of your <p> paragraphs)
    Save your new version of your web page in the Drop Off Folder

    The Box Model