Warhol You! Photoshop Filter Assignment

Create a grid of images and apply a different filter or effect to each. Explore various ways of changing the image using layers, colour changes and any other Photoshop techniques you can discover.

Andy Warhol used a technique of exchanging colours in a repetitive pattern through screen printing and painting. You are going to create a similar image using Photoshop and it's colours adjustments, layers and filter tools. 


1. Select a digital image of yourself (or you can use a image of a celebrity from the internet - make sure to include a URL of the source).

2. In Photoshop create a new page 8.5 x 11 at 200 pixels per inch, RGB.

3. Copy or place your image in the document 16 times. Make sure the Layers tool panel is open – you can check under Window > Layers. Each time you add a new copy look at the Layers panel and see that Photoshop has created a new layer for the next image. In order to move or manipulate the copy you must select the correct layer.

4. Using the MOVE tool (with the correct Layer selected), lay out the images in a 4x4 grid layout, sized on an 8 ½ x 11 page sheet as your canvas.

5. For each layer apply a filter effect or some kind of colour change (using a number of tools under Image > Adjustments) or both. For colour adjustments I would recommend trying first Levels, Colour Balance, Hue/Saturation, but the others could be interesting too. You can also place a square of colour on top of the image and play with the filter settings in the layers panel.

6. Pick one layer and make some notes on how you made your effect. Put this in a Word document written in full, grammatically correct sentences.

7. Export a .png file at maximum quality and give it the name Lastname-Firstname.png

8. Place your png file and your Word document in a folder called Lastame-Firstname and drop off in the Warhol You drop off folder.