Researching Technology Related Careers

In this assignment we are going to explore technology careers as related to this class.

To get started you are going to explore the careers section of Career Cruising. First log in using the username and password given to you by your teacher.

The go to the career section and search by school subject - computers or search by cluster and select an appropriate area. Select two different jobs that you will make notes on. Create a Word document for your notes. Notes can be in point form.

Notes are NOT to be simply cut and paste from the website - you must write down in your own words and summarize and organize the information yourself.

You will make use of these notes later on for part two of this assignment. Please make sure your notes are well organized and you keep them in your folder for this class on your H: drive.

Your Notes

Make notes on the Core Tasks and the Attributes and Abilities. Make sure to click through to the full details and read the whole page. Include some personal notes about whether this would be a good career for you and why.

Read the Education and Training notes for your particular job. Make sure to include details regarding what steps you would need to take to pursue this career. Pay special attention to required courses and where programs are offered.

Search Ontario College and University Programs

Finding an appropriate post-secondary program for your career choice is going to be a big decision you will need to make in the near future.

Search online for an example of the program you would need to take to pursue your career. Make sure to start with Ontario Colleges and Universities that you would actually be interested in going to.

Include the URL of the program in your notes. 

Make some notes that include:
  • requirements to get into the program
  • cost of tuition
  • length of program
  • types of course that you will take
  • anything else you think is important

Drop off your notes at the end of class.