Researching Actual Job Postings

In this assignment we are going to explore technology careers as related to this class.

To get started you are going to explore the technology section of Workopolis. Workopolis is one of Canada's biggest online job sites. Its technology related sections contains many subsections and many different jobs.

For jobs related to programming and engineering:

For jobs related to media and communications technology:


First explore the sub-sections in either the Technology, Engineering or Arts sections. Some good ones to examine would include: software developer, system administrator, multimedia designer, web developer, animation, broadcast technician, editor, producer, graphic designer/technician. The engineering section has many types of engineering jobs including mechanical and electrical.

Read several jobs in each area to get an idea of what the jobs are about and then pick two job titles (ie. web master, graphic designer, software developer) that you are interested in.

Make some notes on each career including:
  • qualifications you need for this job
  • do you need a degree, and if so what kind?
  • do you need experience, if so what kind?
  • what are you responsible for in this job? what will you be doing?
  • where there many jobs like this on the site? 1 or 2 listings shows that there is only a small demand for this job currently, but 10 or 20 would show that the job is currently in real demand
  • note anything you think would be really interesting about this job
Make sure to read several job postings (if available) to get a well rounded idea of what the career type might be like.

Create a MS Word document and write up your two job titles.

Include the following information:
  • The job title and and the section / sub-section it appeared under 
  • A description of position’s duties (in your own words)
  • Some examples of some companies you could work for
Write a paragraph about why you are interested in this job and how you would prepare for it. This might include answers to the following questions:
  • What types of things you would need to do in order be a qualified candidate for the job. 
  • Would you need to go to college or university? 
  • Would you need to gain experience through co-op or a part time job? 
  • What kinds of courses would you take over the next couple of years? 
  • Include any other ideas you might have about this.
Don't just cut and paste information from the job listing! Make sure to condense and re-write the information and use your own words.

Include the URLs that you obtained your information from.

Repeat all of this for a second job title.

When you are done save your Word document drop off at the end of class.