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This is a pairs (or some threes) assignment. Your project will include: a written propsal,  photography, and a budget (where you will spend either $10, $25 or $50 thousand dollars). You will include between 1 and 5 photos that support your application in some way and includes a description of how you came up with the photo(s) and what the ideas were. Finally you will present this to the class.

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What is the Future Generation Tech Lab program?

Future Shop offers up to half a million dollars to Canadian secondary schools. Schools submit proposal (applications) that:

  • explains what the new computer/tech lab will be like - detailed
  • explains how this would "inspire student creativity and prepare students for future careers"
  • talks about the program or class that would benfit from the tech lab
  • includes up to five photos of "showing the potential impact of the Tech Lab, demonstrating the school’s need and/or illustrating what the school is asking for or bringing to life the potential plan as outlined in the written portion of the application" - quality not quantity
  • includes a budget
Your assignment will contain the following in the written proposal.

We will use the design process to create our applications.

Throughout this project we will be using the design process. The diagram below is a useful tool to keep in mind as you are working through the steps. This forces us to do several different types of thinking around our proposal: researching, generating ideas and getting feedback before we create a final product will really help us improve our work.

Pairs, Groups, Teamwork

We will work on the assignment in pairs (or threes) that you choose. Some of the research and feedback is done in groups. Teamwork processes will be used. Assignments are evaluated as group work and partners receive the same group mark.