Day 3/4 - Feedback / Prototype

In Groups - Feedback

Meet in your numbered groups. Start with someone and work clockwise. Present your mindmap and to the group. Focus on your best idea but feel free to include other parts of the map. 

Then allow the group to give feedback - make notes about the comments. Each member must have a comment on your ideas.

Rules for Comments - Very Important
  1. Start with something you like about the idea
  2. Critical feedback is welcome, but must be presented as possible ways to improve
  3. All comments must be friendly and in the best interest of the presenter

In Pairs - Prototype

Compare with your partner what feedback you got. Decide which comments you think are the best. Modify your mindmap to include these.

Begin prototyping your ideas for photos - using the worksheet generate 2-3 ideas for photographs you will shoot. Fill out any notes that you might need - make sure to include: location, people, possible props. Also make notes about how or when you can shot these photos - plan to shot them in the next two classes or at some time outside of school. 

Show your prototype sketches/notes to your teacher.