Day 7/8 - Writing / Budget


Create a budget using a spreadsheet with the following main row headings: 

  • Item
  • Cost
  • Number Ordered
  • Total Item Cost. 

Total Item Cost will require a formula such as =A2*A3. Then calculate your total cost using the Total Item Cost column and a formula such as =SUM(A4:E4) 

Make sure to also calculate tax using a formula.

Written Proposal

Create a written proposal that includes:
  • the photos you have taken
  • 1-2 paragraphs each under the following headings:
    • Our Photography
      • explains why you took the photos you did and how they illustrate the potential impact the new lab will have
    • The New Tech Lab 
      • which explains, with lots of details, what the lab will have and what it will be like
    • Inspiring Student Creativity
      • how will the lab inspire you and your fellow students, what will it enable to do that we can't do now 
    • Preparing for Future Careers
      • how will this new lab better prepare you for a future career?