Lightbot Discussion

Lightbot Discussion

In groups of three discuss and answer (record the answers in your notebook) the following questions. Prepare to discuss as a class. (10 min)

1. How did Lightbot compare throughout the game - that is how did it seem at first compared to how it felt later on? Was it the same or different? Why?

2. How did functions work? Give an example. Grab a screenshot from a Google Image search and save it to the drop off folder. Did you find them useful and how?

3. In your opinion (and you may have some programming experience or perhaps you have none) how does Lightbot compare or relate to programming? How might it be similar? How might it be the same?

Discuss as a class. (5-10 min)


Visual programming - Mindstorms (and Labview tool), Max, Quartz Composer, VVVV
vs. code - Java, Python, C/C++

Programming is creating scripts (think of your robot commands in Lightbot). You give a robot a series of instructions. That’s programming.

Autonomous control of our robotos requiers programming. Mindstorms can be programming using it’s tool or in NoteXactlyC/Java/Python. VEX is programmed in Robot C.