5x25 Things

Assignment: One Hundred and Twenty-Five Things  

Create a Prezi where you pick out 5 (five) things about yourself. Your classmates will also pick out 5. That will be a total of about 5 x 25 = 125 Things.

Two of your ideas must be related to the course content. For instance in Com Tech two slides will be about how Communication Technology is a part of your life. In Computer Engineering you will need two slides about how computers / robotics / electronics are a part of your world. Brainstorm some ideas for your 5 things. Compile a list of things you could use. 

Collect images (or links), music, video, books and links. Make sure to select things that represent your interests and things you think you should share - and that of course are school appropriate. (If unsure show it to your teacher.) Compile some presentation notes - a few things you can say about each of the five things.

Each Prezi's final slide will be a link into their neighbor's presentation. The first slide should also have a link into the previous person's Prezi.

Learning Prezi

To get started with Prezi first watch the video on the main Prezi page. Then read the Get Started Cheat Sheet


Hand In: URL for Online Prezie and One Page of Speaking Notes and Present to Class