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VEX Competition Prep

Week 1

  • Design research and discussions
  • Tools review
  • Gears review (test next week)
  • Roles
  • Gateway strategy sessions
  • Workshop org / duties
  • Field setup
- print
- discuss rules

game setup, boardgame?, lunchtime - robot c,  base
arms and claws, driving
collect robot ideas and designs - include a short bit of text from yourself

Engineer Notebooks
  •  all notes,  research and sketches
  • daily entry of what was done (5 minutes provided towards end of class ONLY for notebooks)
  • daily entry of what to work on next (next class, and later)
  • agenda used for all deadlines, meetings and reminders

Claw/Arm/Base (CAB) Research 

Working in your Challenge Teams search for 2 to 3 robots you think show promise in each of your design areas. Give ideas and feedback to your other group members on any robots that you might think would be good for other design areas.

Working on your own. Share this design on the wiki by creating a new page for your design. 

Complete the following information:

Name - your name
Group - Claw / Arm / Base
URL - where you can find this robot on the web, YouTube, etc.
Strengths - things you think might be good about this robot
Weakness - things you might think are disadvantages to this design
Notes - any other ideas or thoughts on the design, you must have something to say here!
Score - give the design a score overall out of 5 - 1 a weak design, 5 a very strong design

When you done read the other pages in your area and write at least one constructive comment.

Read the comments for your page.

CAB Groups

Claw - Ahmed, Ehsaan, Enoch, Hamza, Johnson, Min

Arm - Jonathon, Malcom, Oliver, Qi Feng, Tony

Base - Andy, Arber, Curtis, Lewis, Zhehan

Engineer - Everyone
- research, design and build a component of the robot
  • find two different designs online (use Google/YouTube, etc.) and point out advantages/disadantages
  • sketch one of the designs you researched and label/explain how it functions
  • create your own design and note how it works
  • (optional) build a basic Lego version of one of the above (with or without power)


Captains - 2 
- lead meetings/problem solving/discussions, consensus building, capable in all areas, regular check-ins with Project Manager and Operations 

Programmers - 2-3
- create code for autonomous period

Technical Drawings - 1-2
- create drawings of design(s) by hand or using computer

Documentation - 1-2
- maintain binder of all documentation for the team

Project management - 1-2 
- maintain a master to do list for the team, monitor schedules and deadlines

Driver - 2-3 
- driving during competition, practice sessions

Coach - 1-2 
- others who ran for capt - ?Enoch, Min, Curtis?
- teamwork and all
- focus on rules of the game, scoring, game play, work with driver during competition and practice

Field and Operations - 4
- work on getting field setup
- maintain all areas of practice: monitoring batteries, repairs, and issues reporting, organizing work areas, check storage of tools and parts (but remember - everyone is responsible for putting away their tools, materials, etc.)

Subpages (1): CAB Designs