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Robotics Summative

Our final project for this course will be to build and program the Mindstorms to complete several tasks. One robot will need to be able to follow a line. Another will need to perform a musical tune. A final robot will be a forklift that you will control from your PC.

Robot building will be done in groups. Planning documents and project reports will be individual.

Challenges Complete and Report Due: January 16, 2012

Drop Dead Deadline: January 24th, 2012

Reminder: Exam Date: January 23rd, 2012

Robotics Summative Report

A large part of your mark will be based on a report that you will complete individually. 
  • Section 1
    • Notes taken during the research, building and testing for each challenge.
    • Include any material you found on the internet to help you with the challenges
    • Include any sketches or diagrams you made
  • Section 2
    • For each challenge include what worked well and what the challenges were that you had to solve
  • Section 3
    • Sign out a digital camera during a couple of classes to take pictures during building and testing
    • For ONE challenge (your choice of either line following, music or your own 4H project) include a step-by-step guide of how to build your solution
    • Include diagrams, photos, code samples, etc.
  • Section 4
    • A 1-2 page (250-500 word) reflection of what you learn in this course


    Read the NXC tutorial (PDF). Read the NXC cheat sheet. Work on various small programs that use motors, sensors and play sounds during class time. Make sure you understand the basics on the cheat sheet.

    Come in to Room 228 at lunch and work with the robots if you want a bit more time reviewing how NXC works. 

    Challenge: Line Following

    • Build a robot that is driven by two motors and that can turn left and right.
    • Use OnFwdSync (see page 32 of the tutorial) to drive the robot forward and to turn it.
    • Use a light sensor(s) to detect that it is over the black line or not
    • Come up with a strategy that you could use to find the line again when the bot strays off it
      • do not get stuck with coding - ask your teacher for help
    • Test, test, test
    • Have your teacher watch you complete the challenge

    Challenge: Music

    • Read the guide at Making Music at page 28
    • Choose a simple song to have your machine to perform - for instance see Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on Wikipedia (ask your teacher for help if you can't read music) 
    • Modify the code examples to play your song
    • Make sure to find a MP3, YouTube video or other recording of your song so your teacher may hear the original

    Challenge: Forklift

      • Build the Forklift project shown here -
      • once it is done, obtain a Bluetooth dongle from your teacher and run Bluetooth control code
      • run your robot through the practice area
      • complete the skill challange

      Level 4H: Your Idea

      Are you going for a 4H? A very, very high mark in the course? Then build a robot that does something very interesting. Use the Bluetooth with the Wiimote. Draw graphics on the NXT screen. Do some audio that uses samples and plays tones. Use sensors. Do some research online. Be creative. 

      Start thinking about ideas and research now - but save actually building this robot for the last part of the summative period. Bring any ideas to your teacher (and your classmates) for suggestions and help. Can be done in a group or individually.


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