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Robot C and NXT

We are going to build some robots and start programming in Robot C.

Getting Started / Movement

  • See the pickup folder: under NXT and Robot C
  • First build the REM bot
  • Log on to a machine with Robot C. Test that it is working by opening a sample program and uploading the code and running it.
  • Then read the movement PDFs - Moving Forward and Speed and Direction. 
  • Also see the video's here:   >> click on MOVEMENT
  • Work on solving the Labyrinth challange. You should look at PID control and syncing.
  • Start a cheat sheet for Robot C (THIS WILL BE MARKED) - included any commands that you are using so far in Robot C


Include all the elements in the Lab Guidelines but instead of a schematic include a source code listing of the successful robot. Questions and conclusions will be posted here.