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Mindstorms NXC - Setup

Your group will be assigned a laptop. Please keep all of your equipment together (power cord, etc.) on your shelf.

NXC Quick Reference

Laptop Setup
These laptops are running Windows. The software is not installable on the Windows machines by myself and IT will need some time to deploy it. And using laptops allows us to make updates to the robots if we are testing out in the hall or gym or something like that.
  • Very first thing - plug in your Mindstorms battery. You need a well charged battery to do a firmware upload.
  • Build Tribot - up to page 24 
  • Install the Fantom Driver. (All software and materials are in Pickup / TER / Mindstorms)
  • Install the Bricxcc software.
  • Turn on your Mindstorms - test the connection.
  • Upload firmware 128.
Programming NXC
  • Open Bricxcc. Look at the menus. Open some sample code.
  • Read Chapter 1 of NXC Tutorial - and work on code. Leave robot plugged in.

Preparing for Challenge MS1
  • Read Chapter 2 of NXC Tutorial
  • Start measuring how far your robot goes in a certain amount of time. Work with two other groups to share a (distance wheel thingy) and build a map if you wish.