5 / Presentations

Presentations: Pong Spec and Prototype

As a group assignment you will build a simple version of Pong. You will document this process and hand in a report which will contain:

  1. A detailed specification of the game with a sketch of the interface and all the game logic explained in point form (use the headings paddles, ball and scoring)

  2. A Scratch file with as much of the game working as you can achieve.

  3. A 2-3 minute presentation



  • sketch the game

  • list the details of game using headings paddles, ball and scoring

  • be very specific about everything in the game


1. Show us your game specification

2. Game demo:

  • include a demonstration of your working game

  • include two code samples (use a screen capture here as well) to illustrate the above points

3. Discussion of the use of 2 of the following:

  • Scratch control blocks and how they were used in your project:

  • forever or repeat loop

  • if or forever if or if/else

  • wait until or repeat until or repeat x times

  • discuss how you used variables in the project

  • explanation of how you use a main loop to control almost all of the game, what advantages does this approach have 

  • include some kind of visual explanation either using screen capture of the code you are discussing or zooming in during your presentation.