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Processing Robot

Build a robot using Processing. Example in video was Python and Processing (actually PyProcessing) - and very long code. Well done, very nice visual effects despite coding style. Your robot should have same features: use of shapes (thought this robot had LOTS for those!), colour, animation and movement buttons. Also comments - see rubric for full list.

Getting Started

Open Processing and look at this Getting Started document. Make sure you can edit, save and run code.

Drawing With Processing

Read the Coordinates System and Shapes tutorial. Make sure you understand how you can create various shapes such as: rectangles, ellipses and lines. Have a look at the Colour tutorial as well.

Draw your robot using graph paper and start building it using the basic 2D shapes. We will look at animation and user interface later.

Required Features

Using the code you have been developing build a robot which has the following:
  • made up of at least 6 shapes and at least 2 different colours
  • has some kind of animated effect that it is always happening (for example, flashing colour, arm moving back and forth, etc.)
  • two buttons that move the robot around (either left and right or up and down) with text labels for each of the buttons
  • another button that will change the robot colour or appearance in some way
  • sketch and flowchart (for movement)
  • comments that explain your code


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