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Assignment Rubric (Updated Nov 10, 2010)

Your assignments will be marked with the following rubric. 

Assignment 1: concepts learned: selection (if statements), flow charts and variables.

  1 2 3 4
 Use of most recent programming concepts learned in class. Program doesn't make use of recently learned concepts. Makes use of some of the concepts and/or does so incorrectly. Most concepts applied and applied correctly.  Makes use of all concepts flawlessly. 
 Use of basic programming concepts (selection, repetition, variables).  Concepts not applied. Some concepts used and/or applied incorrectly. Most concepts applied and applied correctly. Makes use of all concepts flawlessly.
 Program's structure. Program contains errors and bugs - won't run for the entire assigned problem or runs but doesn't solve problem. Runs but contains many inappropriate choices - eg. poor use of selection of repetition structures, lack of constants. Program runs error free, good choices of control statements, use of variables, constants. Excellent use of control structures, variables and constants. Code easily understood due to it's excellent design. Little can be done to improve it.
 Code formatting and indenting. Code inconsistently formated and in a confusing way.    Code formatting inconsistent, perhaps with errors in indenting. No indentation errors. Generally consistent formatting of things like control structures, use of operators, etc.  Consistent and correct formating from start to finish. Good use of blank lines to delineate different sections.
 End User Documentation - ie. information for the user on how to use your program.

Can be in the form of help and instruction screens, external manual with diagrams and screenshots, screencast of program running.
 No external documentation. Some external documentation but only partially covers use of the program. External documentation which covers most aspects of the use of the program and explains the system clearly and without errors. Excellent documentation that covers all aspects of the use of the program available in several formats (ie. instruction screen and external manual).
 Comments and Flowchart No comments explaining how code is working or no flowchart. Very few comments but not enough to really explain the code. Flowchart completed but incomplete or not representative of how program actually works. Good use of comments, good explanations. Comments in most places where other programmers might have questions.Flowchart complete, mostly correct use of symbols and arrows. Flowchart represents program well. Flawlessly but not overly documented. Essential aspects of program explained well. Comments gives examples of various inputs and outputs. Perhaps formatted to allow for automated documentation or unit tests. Flowchart designed very well and follows correct standards, very accurate representation of program.
 Usability - ease of use for user, well thought out user experience. Program is unusable and doesn't work to solve the problem.    Program contains real usability issue(s). It is difficult to use and opportunities to make it easier to use have been missed. Program functions well from a usability stand point. A few minor issues might exist. 
 Robustness - program deals with incorrect data or accidental entries. Allows user to re-enter problematic entries. Program makes no attempts to catch incorrect data or other problematic input and situations. Program can be made to throw an error for input that should have been checked. Program has code in place to catch incorrect data. Program has several ways to catch incorrect data and works very well even when improper data is entered.
 Overall solution - how well does the software solve the problem - are they use cases missing, does it add additional features.    


(a short reflection on problem solving and learning)

Report not included or doesn’t describe a problem/solution or learning.

Report only describes one problem/solution.

Report describes two problems/

solutions, between ½ page and 1 page.

Report describes more then two problem/solution, or does so very in-depth.