What Makes A Good Logo?

You will research and collect examples of effective logos online. As a class we will share what we think are good logos and discuss what they share as characteristics of a good logo.


With a partner or individually start a new Mindmap using Smart Ideas. Place in this map the (at least 5) logos that you selected as a great example of a good logos. 

Use your Mindmap to brainstorm ideas of what makes a good logo. Try to collect ideas around the various logos you have and see if any common ideas emerge. 

Summarize your Mindmap by trying to distill your Mindmap into your own "3 Rules of a Great Logo". These are to be your own ideas and should come out of your Mindmap. Add your 3 Rules to your Mindmap and drop off.

Group Discussion

In groups we will discuss what we found makes and great logo. Then as a class we will discuss these and compile a list.

Web Research