Your Logo

Using Inkscape create your own logo. It may be a logo that is for yourself as a kind of "personal logo" or for something else that is your own idea, ie. your skateboard design company, your animation studio, a dance contest show, anything you want.

Things your logo must include:
  • a brief (2 or 3 sentance) description of what your logo is for which will include several descriptive words to help establish what the mood of your logo will be
  • some kind of words / typography
  • a logo that is roughly 1 inch by inch square and that includes colour
  • a variation of this logo that is a single colour and white
  • a variation of this logo that will be an icon or website button and has no text (very small ~40 pixels square)
You will submit a single Inkscape drawing which include all of these things arranged nicely on a 8.5 x 11 page. Please include your name on the sheet.

Here are some links that explore what makes a great logo:


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 Logo Effectiveness

   Effectively communicates a brand using design, colour and text. Thought given to how best to represent brand through graphics and colour. 
 Small Version   Well designed to be printed or presented in a very small, single colour format. Still recogonizable. 
 Description   Well written explanation of why graphic/colour and other choices were made for the logo. Connects logo design with brand attributes. 
   Evidence that other ideas were initially developed.