Summative - Final Design Project

Our final project for this course will be to create a poster / animation / radio ad or web page for an event or organization of your choice (see below). Your project will include a brainstorming mindmap, three initial design ideas, a short essay and a presentation.

You may choose to do something for a school group or team, community organization, non-profit or charity that you are involved with or interested in. Check with your teacher if you are unsure.

Or you may create an entry for the Design Exchange High School Design Competition . You are still required to hand in the other components of the assignment (mindmap, etc.) and enter your design in the competition.


Planning Documents Due: Thur, December 22nd, 2011

Due: Mon, January 16th, 2012 (You must hand in a reasonably complete project by this date. If we have any time after presentations then you may re-submit with improvements by the 24 - ONLY if you handed in something by the 16th)

Presentations: January 17th - 23rd, 2012

Drop Dead Deadline: Tues, January 24th, 2012

Final Project Must Include

Mind map of initial brainstorming around organization

Three creative treatments in the form of sketches, storyboard or quick mock-ups

Final design in digital form. 

A 2-3 page essay (500-750 words) discussing two things - how you came up with your final design and a short reflection on what you learned in this course.


Start with your Mindmap. Make sure to include several things about your organization in order to give a feel for what the organization is about and what might work well in your project. Include elements that you might make use of in your design, these could include colours, images, phrases or text and anything else.

Brainstorm 3 new designs by using the tool of your choice. Make sure to refer to your ideas in your Mindmap. Don't spend time making these look exactly right - instead spend some time trying to come up with three very different treatments. Be prepared to discuss in your essay the choices you made in these initial designs.

Show your design to a classmate and get some feedback. Make some notes about the feedback and be prepared to discuss this in your essay. Select a design you wish to use.

Work on the final design. Try to incorporate any feedback you received.

Work on your essay, include things about: how you came up with the three designs, what feedback you got, how you decided on a final design. Also include a large section on what you feel gain from this course.

Drop off all of your materials in a single folder with your name on it. Work on your presentation.


 Dec 15
 Reseach / Mindmap
 Research / Mindmap
 Dec 19 
 Initial 3 designs
 Initial 3 design
 Initial 3 designs Feedback / selection of final design 
 Jan 9
 Design Design Essay Essay
 Jan 16
 Remaining Tasks 
 Project Due
 Presentations    Presentations Presentations Presentations
 Jan 23 
 Revisions Due / 
 Projects Not 
 Accepted After 
 This Date


  3 4L 4M 4H
 3 Initial Designs    
 Final Design    
 Essay - Process    
 Essay - Reflection