Peter Saville

Peter Saville is a graphic designer who is most famous for his work with the then newly formed Factory Records out of Manchester. Factory was started as a way to release new and independent music that was coming out of England after the initial wave of punk. Bands like the Sex Pistols has a huge influence on the way that new bands were producing their own music. Major labels were not yet aware of what was taking place and it was the smaller independent labels that would first introduce the world to new bands such as Joy Division. It was also new, up-and-coming designers who would create the visual side of these bands. Peter Saville would go on to become one of the most well known of these new designers.

FAC 1 - Poster for weekly music showcase

Factory Records had it's beginning as a weekly showcase of local bands. Peter Saville had meet the label's founder at a concert. Saville's first design for Factory was for a poster advertising the club night. Saville's poster design wasn't finished until after the night had already started. This is highlighted in a comedic scene in the film 24 Hour Party People which dramatizes the rise and eventual implosion of the hugely influential record label. 

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

Saville shared the design credit for Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures with the band and Tony Wilson. It's minimal design features a black background with a graphic showing the sucessive pulses from the first pulsar discovered. Saville's cover makes it clear that the design is most important aspect of his record covers with traditional features such as the band's name and album title only being secondary - they were featured on the inside sleeve and only seen once the record was taken out.

New Order - Blue Monday

Saville's design for the huge hit single Blue Monday featured a die cut sleeve make to look like a floppy disk and no information about the band or music. The coloured graphics on the side of the sleeve were a code that Saville created that spelt out: FAC 73 BLUE MONDAY AND THE BEACH NEW ORDER.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Self Titled

Another die cut sleeve featuring a vibrant contrast between blue and orange giving this design a very modern feel. Another minimal design with no other information on the outside sleeve.