Exploring Graphic Design


As a class we are going to research some well known and influential graphic designers. For the most part designers are not well known to the general public despite the fact that they shape so much of the media and manufactured world around us.

  • Select a graphic designer

    • Choose a name!

  • Research 
    • Research the designer using the internet.
    • Check the Wikipedia page for your designer
    • Do a Google Image search

  • Make Notes 

    • Use PowerPoint to collect some notes.
    • Organize your notes around 3-5 images about the designer. 

  • Create a Short Presentation

    • 2-4 minutes
    • use the following headings: designers name, when they worked and their major contribution/style
    • show 3-5 examples of work and explanation what the work is and give some context

Starting Points / Suggested Designers

Feel free to show me something else not included in this lists. The one requirement is that the work or person is working in the area of graphic design.

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