Video Project Boot Camp

Day 1 - Camera Angles, Shots and Movements

Read page 89-96 of Digital Overdrive / Chapter 05 (in pickup folder).
In groups complete the worksheets 5.3 and 5.4

Have it checked for completion at the end of class

Day 2 - Storyboarding

Work in your Video Groups and create a storyboard for your 30s - 2 minute video. Make sure to include notes for each frame:
  • brief note of what is happening
  • actors + props
  • location - where will this be shot
  • camera angle, shot and movements
  • audio
  • any other notes you think might be important
Groups can not book a camera until storyboards are completed.

Day 3 - iMovie HD - Importing, Basic Editing and Special Effects

How to use iMove on our two Macs:
  • importing video
  • basic editing
  • special effects

Day 4 - Video Camera How-To

  • use of tripod
  • white balance
  • starting/stopping recording
  • lighting


Videos will be approximately 30s - 3 minutes in length. Completed projects will include:
  • storyboard complete with notes outlined above (see storyboarding)
  • iMovie file and clips showing editing
  • final MP4 video file to be shown to class
  • presentation of movie to class
Some ideas that students have metioned include:
  • a commercial for a product
  • a commercial (PSA) to raise awareness about bullying
  • a trailer for a horror movie