The Electronic Music Studio in Room 228

We have a CZ1000 - a good lead synth, a Linux music computer with DAW, drum machine and vintage synth emulation. 

Students wishing to use the studio for school or music related projects need to talk to Mr. Cordiner first - there will be limited use outside of the TEJ4 class.

Computer Audio Workstation

Ubuntu Multimedia Studio

- realtime scheduling kernal preinstalled / configured
- software easily setup

Low Latency Audio

Jack Audio Router

Start up jack first in order to connect audio devices to it

- check that Pulse Audio is NOT running

setup should look like this

Audio Midi / Setup

Keyboard and Lead Synth - CZ1000

this is a good synth!
good for lead synths and pads, smaller one good for percusion
waveform synthese as topic? challanging?
automation or control? 

Editor / DAW


Qtractor -
Renoise -

Soft Synths

Bristol - Vintage and Classic Synth Emulation

vintage synth simulator!

- start up bristol from the command line 
startBristol -jack -juno
see startBristol -h for full list of synths, includes arp, moogs, juno, rhodes
connect synth to jack using patchage
connect CZ1000 using Midi - record into qtractor?

AM Synth

Drum Machine - Hydrogen 

- drum machine
- really good overview on midi and how to use external controllers with this drum machine!
- could also load samples created elsewhere....

Lots of other Linux audio to explore!

Building Stuff / TEJ4

Image: SpikenzieLabs

Drum Pads


create controllers - pots/faders/buttons/leds, midi messages sent when things change / interputs occur
- PD, Processing?

Midi Devices / Arduino

- midi tutorials?

connecting keyboard through midi
midi in / out connector using optoisolator -
- parts at Abra (there is also a midi sheild $14? kit and midi cables) 
- canada computer has uno and other for about $40 or two channel pci audio card (better quality) with midi in/out for ~100
James Cordiner,
Mar 29, 2012, 8:12 PM