180 Seconds Until Class

Create a three minute audio file that could be played on the school PA system before the start of class.

Select some of your favorite music - use about 5-7 songs or short audio clips. Put it together in a well produced and interesting way. Use some other ideas if you have them.
  • Must be appropriate for a school setting. It will be heard by all students, staff and visitors to the school.
  • Must be edited using Audacity in class.
  • Must be exactly 3 minutes/180 seconds long

Working from Home

If you wish to work from home please make sure to download the same version we are using at school 2.0.3. This is a portable version that doesn't require installing:

  • Pick something that you think will move people to class and that you really like
  • Try to listen for points where there is a natural phrasing that would allow for edits
  • Use the envelope tool - you can easily undo edits.
  • Save your work to your Desktop and home drive (and even USB) after each class
  • Use some effects - but don't overuse them. Don't use Fade In or other effects that can be done more simply using the envelope tool

Demonstration Video

The video below shows some of the editing done on the exemplar project available in the pickup folder. There is also an mp3 located at the bottom of this page.

A couple of other videos about Audacity are linked on this page: Intro to Digital Audio Editing



Total number of edits Only a few editsLess then 5 edits.At least 5-7 edits made.Project includes at least 8 or more edits.
Use of EffectsNo effects presentOnly one effect used or effects not used very well.2-3 effects used that work well.Additional effects used. Effects used work very well with music / audio.
LabelingTracks not labelledTracks partially labelledMost tracks labelled.All tracks labelled
Editing - AccuracyVery poor editing with gaps and other problems.Poor use of envelope and timing.Good use of envelope tool and timing.Excellent use of envelope tool and timing.
Overall MixIndividual recording levels far too low or clipping.Individual recording levels poor, no clipping. Individual recording levels acceptable.Optimal recoding levels with no clipping
TimeMore then 10 seconds offMore then 5 seconds off2:55 - 3:05 minexactly 3:00 min
James Cordiner,
Oct 24, 2012, 4:21 AM