Teaching Notes


 Day Item Due Notes
 1 Intro to Flash / Bouncing Ball Exercise
  relate back to flip book     first card/last card - keyframes     in between steps - tweening (flash does this for you) look at example online look at steps Flash - interface     stage / timeline     drawing tools - draw something     fill / stroke / colour selector     layers     creating a key frame / move the item / scrub     tween / speed     physics / realistic bouncing Follow the directions - looking for layers, compression when bouncing, sound
2 Bouncing Ball Exercise

 Review - keyframes, tween Use Directions - and what we are looking for
Ball / Stickman Exercise

 Look at project examples - starting thinking of ideas Student demo (someone who is ahead) of stickman Why use a movie clip? How to motion path
 4 Stickman Exercise

 5 Stickman / Morphing / Masking
 6 Assignment: Brainstorming/ Storyboarding  
 7     Work in Flash

 8 Work Period  
 9 Work Period  
 10 Work Period  
 11 Work Period  
 12 Work Period  
  Review / Final Work Period  
  Flash / Animation Test Animation Test 
   Animation Project Due