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Info Screen Animation Project

You will create an animation which will be shown on the large LCD TV located in the front foyer. Your animation should include all of the things included in the rubric below.

Your document should be 1024 x 768. It should include sound but likely this won't be heard in the front foyer. It will later also appear on the school website. Content must be considered appropriate for school and viewing by other students and parents..

Options / Project Ideas

Day 1/2 Animation - Create an animation that displays which day it is - you will need to create two versions - one for day one and the other for day two. Make it as interesting as you can. Be creative.

What To Submit

Your animation project will consist of:
  • storyboard
  • a final Flash animation saved as a FLA and SWF file
  • Word document with a list of URLs of every resource found on the web that were used








Storyboard very incomplete or unfinished.

Storyboard shows some of the ideas but not all of them.

Storyboard effectively indicates how animation will work, showing backgrounds, characters, text, movement and sound.

Storyboard indicates everything in level 3 in an excellent and very complete manor. Includes additional details like colour and is well drawn.


(drawn in Flash, animated or created in a graphics application)

No background.

Background present but not drawn or assembled well.

Well drawn or assembled background.

Creative and well drawn or assembled background.

Graphic Symbols

(custom graphics are drawn in Flash, modified/Photoshop  images, modified screen captures, drawn using other tools)

Contains no custom graphics.

Contains only a couple of custom graphics

Contains 2 custom drawn or modified bitmaps graphics that are converted to movie clips or animated in some other way.

Contains at least 3 custom drawn or modified bitmaps graphics that are converted to movie clips or animated in some other way.

Movie Clips

No animated movie clips.

Only contains a single movie clip.

Contains a couple of movie clips with effective animation.

Contains many movie clips with many excellent animations.


No use of sound.

Sound present.

Sound present and effectively synchronized with animation.

Sound present and synchronized and creatively used in animation.

Special Effects

(masking, shape tweening, fading, etc.)

Contains no other special effects.

Contains a special effect which only partially works/ineffective.

Contains one special effect that works well.

Contains more then one speical effect that is very interesting.

Use of Text

No use of text.

Limited or poor use of text.

Good use of text with animation or other effects.

Excellent use of text that is animated effectively or make use of other effects in a creative way.

Overall Effect

Animation does  not really communicate any kind of message.

Animation communicates a message to a limited degree. Could be improved easily.

Animation communicates a message effectively.

Animation communicates it’s message in a creative and very effective way.