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TEJ4/B - Computer Engineering

Grade 12 Computer Engineering builds on the prerequisite TEJ 3 with a focus on digital electronics and how computers work. Adders, flip-flops and other building blocks of central processing units are built using gates and simulator. Also electronic circuits are built. Arduino/Pis and other microprocessors are programmed. Robotics will be used when possible. Will include enquiry project possibly leading to summative project.

Level 1 / Digital Gates
L2 / Electronic Circuits 
L3 / Programming and Arduino

L4 / Micro Processors and Assembly Language
L5 / Interfacing with PCs and Networks
L6 / Summative

Labs and Assignments

Enough class time will be given to complete most labs in class - unfinished work becomes homework. Please work together as needed to address questions and brainstorm problems when you teacher is helping other students. Labs will occasionally be checked by your teacher - make sure to bring your notebook to each class with completed work.

Assignments will include: 3 Bit Adder, Security Alarm Circuit, Processing Robot, Breadboard Arduino, 3x3 Display, Assembly Presentation, Processing<>Arduino Synth or 556 Synth

Check the whiteboard for test and due dates.

James Cordiner,
Apr 15, 2014, 4:36 AM