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TEJ3/C - Computer Engineering

Grade 11 Computer Engineering explores computer hardware, networking, electronics and digital logic. It incorporates robotics and control systems where possible. Students will learn through projects and labs and build many projects hands-on. The course will include a summative assignment and exam.

Due Dates

Check the whiteboard for additional test and due dates.


Summative work logs due daily!

Documents/Code Check In 1: May 21st

Documents/Code Check In 2: May 30th

Full Project Due Date: June 6th 

code must be in working order, dropped off correctly and fully functional for full marks

Presentations: June 6-11th

Final Exam: June 12th

In class - 1 hour long. Includes multiple choice, circuit, schematics, short answer and other question types.

Current Work

L4 / Programming and Arduino

    Arduino Foundations: Introduction
    >> Knight Rider

Labs and Assignments

Enough class time will be given to complete most labs in class - unfinished work becomes homework. Please work together as needed to address questions and brainstorm problems when you teacher is helping other students. Labs will occasionally be checked by your teacher - make sure to bring your notebook to each class with completed work.

Assignments will include: Hardware Manual, Full Adder Lab, Processing Robot, Arduino Knight Rider Animation

Check the whiteboard for test and due dates.