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TGJ3M1 - Communications Technology

Units: Design Process / School Com Research / Presentations / Graphics / Audio / Video / Summative / Exam

ResourcesCourse OverviewHandouts /  Curriculum

Illustrator / Logo Design

 Date     Item Due
 Nov 11  
 Monday Logo Design Project 
 Tuesday Logo Design Project 
 Wednesday Logo Design Project 
 Thursday Technology, Learning and Media Literacy 
 Friday PA Day 
 Nov 4  
 Monday Work on Buttons for Feeder School Night 
 Tuesday Work on Buttons for Feeder School Night 
 Wednesday What Makes a Good Logo Presentations 
 Thursday Logo Design Project 
 Friday Logo Design Project 
 Oct 31  
 Wed Intro to Illustrator / Button Design 
 Thur What Makes A Good Logo? / Button Design 
 Fri Button Design 

Audio Editing

 Date     Item Due
 Oct 29  
 Mon Audio Editing 
 Tues Audio Editing 
 Oct 22  
 Mon Intro To Audacity 
 Tues Audio Editing Project  
 Wed Audio Editing 
 Thur Audio Editing 
 Fri Audio Editing  

HTML and Web Developement 
HTML Tags / Creating Web Pages / Building a Web Feature

 Date     Item Due
 Oct 15  
 Mon Web Page Design and HTML with Notepad 
 Tues Complete Web Page Tutorial / Using CSS 
 Wed Using CSS  
 Thur Planning Our Web Feature / Writing for the Web 
 Fri Web Feature Proposal / Work Period 

Flash Animation
Key Frames and Tweening / Motion Path / Shape Tweens / School Information Screen Animations

 Date     Item Due
 Sept 24  
 Mon Intro to Flash / Bouncing Ball 
 Tues Flash Interface / Motion Path / Running Stickman 
 Wed Stickman / Morph and Fade / Masking 
 Thur Project: Animation for Info Screen 
 Fri Brainstorming / Storyboard Ideas 
 Sept 31  
 Mon Storyboards 
 Tues Work Period 
 Wed Work Period 
 Thur Work Period 
 Fri Work Period 
 Oct 1

 Mon Work Period 
 Tues Work Period 
 Wed Work Period 
 Thur Work Period 
 Fri Work Period Animation Project Due: Oct 17

Photoshop / School Information Screen
Digital Imaging Theory / Photoshop

 Date     Item Due
 Sept 17  
 Mon Work on Almost Famous 
 Tues Digital Imaging 
 Wed School Information Screen Powerpoints 
 Thur Work Period 
 Fri Work Period 
 Sept 10  
 Mon Intro to Digital ImagingPhotoshop Tool Tour  
 Tues Photoshop Filters and Layers / Warhol You 
 Wed Hand in Warhol You / Select Covers for Almost Famous 
 Thur Digital Photography and Lighting / Photography for Almost Famous 
 Fri Almost Famous Editing 

Welcome Back Week

Date     Item Due
 Sept 4  
 Tues Welcome Back / All About Me 
 Wed Groups: Pentominoes Challenge, What Makes a Good Presentation? 
 Thur Good Design
 Fri All About Me Presentations