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TGJ Summative

Project Options

All projects will be presented to the class as a poster OR using the projector. Classmates will be evaluating your presentation. All projects will include a work log.

Option A / Awareness Campaign

Design an awareness campaign for a cause, organization or product of your choice.

Your campaign must include two formats from the following:

  • Full page magazine ad created using Photoshop or Illustrator
  • A set of 3 standard sized web banner ads
  • A web page showcasing the product or organization (this can include a customized Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.)
  • A short (15s) animation using Flash (with some kind of audio)
  • An animated slideshow using Powerpoint
  • Another format / medium as approved by your teacher - these could be audio, video or graphical - see for some great creative examples

Final projects will be printed on the colour printer and mounted on bristol board with a short ½ - 1 page overview of what your campaign is about, why you choose to present the way you did and how you created it.

Final Product: Awareness Campaign in two formats with written overview. Presented as a poster to the class (or use the projector if you want). Include a work log and the 1/2-1 page overview.

Option B / Digital Mix Tape with Original Artwork

Create a 45-90 minute audio mix using Audacity (or other software - get approval from your teacher first). Consider first what “kind” of mix tape you might make - see  Make sure that your mix tape has some thought put into what the music is, how you go from track to track. Perhaps include other elements like some sound effects, spoken word, etc.

Then design a CD jewel case artwork for the mix using original photography, found images processed in Photoshop and/or Illustrator. Include the name of the mix in the artwork and your name. On the inside cover include a track list (with the edit  times that indicate where effects and mixes were made). Burn your final mix onto CD and include the artwork on the CD case.

Alternatively create the artwork and post the mix to a Mixcloud or Mixcrate - see Customize the page a include a bio. For this project do NOT include your real name anywhere on your mix when posting online.

Include a ½-1 page overview of how you made the mix and how you created the artwork. Place the CD (screen shots of the your online version) and artwork on a poster.

Final Product: Digital Mix Tape all with original artwork and track listing. Mix finished as a CD or online mix. Please also drop off the Audacity file and data folder so I can see your work. Presented to class as a poster. Include a work log and the 1/2-1 page overview.

Please bring a USB thumbdrive or harddrive to keep your mix on - it will NOT fit on your H drive.

Option C / Your Own Idea

If you have an idea of something you would like to do for a project then speak to your teacher. Make sure to have a clear idea of: what you will be handing in and what you will spend your time on (project will be approx 3 weeks long). If you get approval you will then be required to put your project idea into a proposal - the proposal is due within one class of getting approval.

Work Log

In addition to the things outline above all project will also hand in a work log outlining what was done during each class. This will be counted towards your project planning mark.

Final Presentations

Presentations will take place January 16-21. Presentations will include a poster OR you can use the projector to present other media. Presentations will be approx. 3-5 minutes long and will be evaluated by your teacher and the class.

You are responsible for being in class to evaluate all of your classmates presentations.

Deadlines and Dates

Dec 13, 2012 Project proposals for any custom projects are due.

Jan 16-21 Project presentations - final projects are due on the date of your presentation.


Final Product
Thinking / Application / 50%
  1 2 3 4
 1 media type / mix 

 1 media type / artwork 

 Written Overview 


Communication 15%
Presentation -see presentation rubric
Presentation (Classmates)

Final Interview
Knowledge and Understanding / 35%
  1 2 3 4
 Explain general process of how media was created    
 Explain in detail a particular aspect of     
 General knowledge of application    
 Project Planning / Work Log    

Mixtape Rubric

Total number of editsOnly a few editsLess then 5 edits.At least 5-7 edits made.Project includes at least 8 or more edits.
Use of EffectsNo effects presentOnly one effect used or effects not used very well.2-3 effects used that work well.Additional effects used. Effects used work very well with music / audio.
LabelingTracks not labelledTracks partially labelledMost tracks labelled.All tracks labelled
Editing - AccuracyVery poor editing with gaps and other problems.Poor use of envelope and timing.Good use of envelope tool and timing.Excellent use of envelope tool and timing.
Overall MixIndividual recording levels far too low or clipping.Individual recording levels poor, no clipping.Individual recording levels acceptable.Optimal recoding levels with no clipping
TimeMore then 10 seconds offMore then 5 seconds off2:55 - 3:05 minexactly 3:00 min