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Button Design Using Illustrator

You will create two button design using Illustrator. The first will be a Computer and Technology Department logo that will be black and white and makes use of line drawings. The second will be a design of your own choice which will feature a logo that you have designed.


  • Buttons must fit into a 2.25" design template and make use of the full bleed area. 
  • Each button will be handed in as a separate AI document with guides for the printable and bleed areas
  • The department button must use the text "Computer and Technology Department" and either AY, AYJ or A.Y. Jackson
  • The department button must include some kind of line drawing that you create using Illustrator either by using the drawing tools or using Live Trace
  • The personal button must feature your name or a name of a company/brand/club that you create
  • The personal button must feature a logo that you draw using Illustrator (you can NOT trace pre-existing artwork for this button)
  • The personal button must be full colour