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AY Announce Micro Site

Create a mini web site that shows upcoming announcements.

Create a small website with a home page and three (or more) other pages. There are two options: 
  • AY Announcements
    • In the pickup folder you will find school announcements that will need to be put online
    • Use a home page design with the links to each announcement page
    • Group announcements in some sensible way
    • Use additional graphics, clip art or any other visuals that you think will make it look good
    • Use a Dreamweaver template to get started. Pick one with the things you want: header or left nav bar, etc.
  • B: Your Choice
    • Do a similar thing as above but using your own content you provide. Your site should be about something you really like doing and have something to share - it could be school related or not. 
    • Do NOT select this option if you can't come up with an idea quickly. We won't be able to spend much time thinking about this since this is a smaller project.

Working from Home

You can work from home using software of your choice. You could work on the project at school using Dreamweaver and then just make edits at home using Notepad. Or download a 30 day trial from the Adobe Dreamweaver page.

Drop Off

When you are done you will drop off a folder that has your HTML and image files in it.