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Almost Famous

Select an Appropriate Cover

  • Make sure you cover has the minimum resolution: 1300 x 1700
  • Your cover needs to have text that you can replace with something different about yourself
  • Make sure your cover has a face featured prominently on it
  • Pay attention to skin tone - the Word document explains how you can make adjustments to this but you need to make sure that the cover you pick will work

Take Your Photo

Using the green screen and cameras take a picture where you duplicate the pose of the cover you choose. If want to try adding lights you can use the lights as well. 

How To Edit Your Cover

1. See the instructions / Word doc in the pick-up folder.

2. See the following video:

Drop Off

  • make sure to include your original JPEG file (BEFORE it had any edits)
  • your edited file must be a PSD with all layers STILL INTACT
  • make sure you have done the best possible job of correcting any colour
  • make sure you have edited some of the text


  1 2 3 4
 Photo - size, pose and angle    
 Original File  
 General Knowledge of Photoshop tools and techniques