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BTT - Introduction to Information Technology in Business

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Using MS Office

 Date     Item Due
 Oct 29  
 Mon Career Assignment - Day 1 - Research a potential job 
Tues  Career Assignment - Create a Resume 
 Wed Career Assignment - Create a Cover Letter 
 Thur Career Assignment - Graphical Title Page 
 Fri Career Assignment - Finishing Up  
 Oct 24  
 Mon MS Word - Letterhead 
Tues  MS Word - Drawing 
 Wed MS Word - Tables 
 Thur MS Word - Finishing Up 
 Fri Video - Power Surge 
 Oct 17  
 Wed Using MS Word  
 Thur MS Word - Alignment and Text Formatting 
 Fri MS Word - Lists

Digital Literacy: Hardware, Software, File Management
Hardware / Software / File Management / Ergonomics

 Date     Item Due
 Oct 15  
 Mon Presentations 
 Tues Presentations 
 Oct 8  
 Mon Work Period: Proposals 
 Tues Work Period: Proposals 
 Wed Work Period: Presentations 
 Thur Work Period: Presentations 
 Fri Work Period: Complete Proposals and Presenentations 
 Oct 1  
 Mon Review 
 Tues Review  Ergonomics Assignment Due
 Wed Test: Hardware, Software, File Management, Ergonomics Quiz 
 Thur Computer Purchase Assignment / Presentation 
 Fri Work Period 
 Sept 24  
 Mon File Management Presentation / Where Did It Go? / Ergonomics: Read p 77-81, Knowledge Check Questions 1-4 
 Tues Ergonomics Posters 
 Wed Ergonomics Posters 
 Thur Ergonomics Poster 
 Fri Ergonomics Posters Test Monday: Hardware, Software, File Management, Ergonomics Changed to Wed
 Sept 17  
 Mon Almost Famous 
 Tues Hardware: Business Connections Read p76-84 Questions p79 #1-5, p84 #1-6  
 Wed Textbook Questions 
 Thur Component Glossary / Hardware Labelling 
 Fri Read Computer Software / Software Mix and Match 

Digital Imaging
Intro to Photoshop / Digital Images / Warhol You Mini Assignment / Almost Famous Assignment

 Date     Item Due
 Sept 10  
 Mon Photoshop Tools 
 Tues Photoshop Filters, Layers and Effects / A1: Warhol You 
 Wed Almost Famous: Select Covers 
 Thur Almost Famous: Pictures and Editing
 Fri Almost Famous: Finish Editing

Welcome Back Week
Intro to Presentations

 Date     Item Due
 Sept 4  
 Tues Welcome Back / All About Me 
 Wed Group Discussion: What makes a good presentation? 
 Thur Exploring Good Design in Presentations
 Fri All About Me Presentations