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TGJ3M1 - Com Tech

Class Schedule

TGJ3M1 - Communication Technology

See the course outline here.

All outstanding term work is must be handed in by Thursday, Jan 12th. All work is now late and can lose up to 10%.


Web Development


 Date Item Due
 Dec 7  
 Wed         Web Page Design - Part 1 - Using the Lowly Notepad
Thur Web Page Design - Part Two - Style Sheets

PA Day

Digital Audio


120 Seconds Until Class / ~3-4 classes

 Date Item Due
 Dec 2  
 Fri         Audio Editing Intro / 120 Seconds Until Class

 Dec 5

 Mon 120 Seconds Until Class
 Tues 120 Seconds Until Class
 Wed 120 Seconds Until Class Due: Mon, Dec 12

Graphic Design


Warhol You! (pickup folder) / ~2 classes
Almost Famous (pickup folder) / ~ 5 classes
Your Personal Logo / ~2.5 classes
Exploring Graphic Design Presentation / ~3 classes
Redesign Project / 5 classes

 Date Item Due
 Oct 17  
 Mon Photoshop - Tools Tour
Tues Photoshop - Tools / Layers / Filters
Assignment: Warhol You! (pickup folder)

 Thur Almost Famous (if you wish to use a cover from the internet use a min size of ~1300 x 1700)Warhol You!
 Fri Assignment: Almost Famous (pickup folder) 
 Oct 24  
 Mon Almost Famous 
 Tues Almost Famous 
 Thur Video Boot Camp 
 Fri Video Boot Camp / Photoshop Skills Almost Famous
 Oct 31  
 Mon Storyboards 
 Tues Storyboards 
 Wed Vector Graphics Intro / Inkscape Tutorial 
 Thur Vector Graphics Intro / Inkscape Tutorial 
 Fri Vector Graphics Intro / Inkscape Tutorial 
 Nov 7  
 Mon Logo Mindmap: What Make a Good Logo? Inkscape Doll
 Tues Logo Mindmap 
 Wed College Fair / Logo Mindmap 
 Thur Your Personal Logo Logo Mindmap
 Fri Your Personal Logo 
 Nov 14  
 Mon Work Period 
 Tues Personal Logos / Survey 
 Wed Research: Exploring Graphic Design Personal Logo
 Thur Research  
 Fri PA Day 
 Nov 21  
 Mon Presentations 
 Tues Presentations 
 Wed PCs and the Environment 
 Thur Presentations / Redesign Project 
 Fri Redesign Project 
 Nov 28  
 Mon Redesign Project 
 Tues Redesign Project 
 Wed Redesign Project 
 Thur Redesign Project 

Design Process - Future Generation Tech Lab


 Date Item Due
 Oct 3  
 Mon Design Process - Discussion
Tues Research
Research / Sharing

 Thur Assignment: Tech Lab Proposal / Brainstorming
 Fri Brainstorming 
 Oct 10  
 Mon Thanksgiving 
 Tues Photography 
 Wed Photography / Writing 
 Thur Writing 
 Fri Presentations Due: Write-up, photography, budget and research

When all our presentations are complete please enter your evaluations into the following form 


We will first look at creating a flip book and learning about basic animation techniques. Later we will look at digital animation using Flash.


Flip Book / ~4 classes
Flash Animation / ~ 10 classes

Flash Experience: Chris, Tavia

 Date Item Due
 Sept 12  
 Mon Intro to Flash / Bouncing Ball Exercise
Tues Bouncing Ball Exercise / Stickman Exercise
Ball / Stickman Exercise

 Thur Stickman
 Fri Morphing / Masking / Finish Exercises 
 Sept 19  
 Mon Assignment: Flash Animation / Brainstorm / Storyboard 
 Tues Work Period 
 Wed Work Period 
 Thur Work Period 
 Fri Work Period 
 Sept 26  
 Mon Work Period 
 Tues Work Period 
 Wed Work Period 
 Thur Work Period 
 Fri Last Work Period 
  Animation Test - Bouncing Ball, Stickman, Shape Tween Thur, Oct 3
  Flash Animation Due Wed, Oct 2

Flip books should have a story board and title page. They need to stapled or attached together somehow. The animation should appear smooth without having the background or static objects moving. Should contain about 10-12 pages.

 Date Item Due
 Sept 7-11  
 Mon Assignment: Flip Book 
 TuesWork on flip book 
WedWork on flip book 
ThurSharing flip book in our groups  Flip book

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