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TER3M1 - Robotics

Welcome robotics engineers! Together we will be building electronics, robots and hacking technology. We will learn how to write code that will execute on a small but powerful processor. World domination can only ensue!

Robotics is a specialized version of the TEJ Computer Engineering course. The course covers computer and robotic hardware, basic electronics and digital logic, robotic mechanics (gears, electric motors/servos). Students are strongly encourged to participate in the AYJ Robotics Club

TER Challanges Standings  |>|  KBR 8, LBNL 7, EZ/Yui 5       US 3, TonysDB 2 - Updated Oct 16                

Robotics Exam

Please spend sometime studying the material covered on the review sheet.

Robotics Summative

Music Machine / Line Following / Forklift
see details on the Robotics Summative page

Don't forget to complete your Tech Careers assignment and drop it off.

VEX Competition Prep

Gateway / Base Arm Claw: Research, Design, Build / Team Roles
Tools Review / Gears Review / Class Routines
Field Build / Game Training

 Date     Item Due
 Oct 17  
 Mon Gateway Overview  
 Tues Gateway Review / Claw/Arm/Base (CAB) Research
 Wed Gears Review / CAB Research  
Thur CAB Research / Roles Applications /
 Club Meeting: Design Discussions with Team A
 Fri Gateway / BAC - Design Presentations / Class Review  CAB Drawing Due
 Oct 24  
 Mon Test Review / Engineering Process Review / CAB Designs / Building 
 Tues Building 
 Wed Building  
 Thur Test / Building 
 Fri Building Assembled CAB
 Oct 31  
 Mon Robot Building 
 Tues Robot Building 
 Wed Robot Building Drawings Due
 Thur Robot Building 
 Fri Robot Building Gears/Gateway Quiz
 Nov 7  
 Mon Robot Building 
 Tues Robot Building / Project Planning Project Management Plans
 Wed College Fair 
 Thur Robot Building 
 Fri Robot Building 
 Nov 14  
 Mon Robot Building 
 Tues Robot Building 
 Wed Robot Building  
 Thur Friendly Competition with Zion Heights 
 Fri PD Day 

Robotics Boot Camp

Boolean Logic / Basic Electronics / Basic Robotics

 Date     Item Due
 Sept 12-16  
 Mon Intro to Digital Gates / Meet The Breadboard 
 Tues Gates Labs - AND, NAND, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR 
 Wed Binary Numbers / Gates Labs  
Thur Binary Numbers (Review) / Gates Labs / Meet Mindstorms  Prior to Starting Mindstorms: Finish Gates Labs Test: Gates, Binary, Basic Circuit
 Fri Meet Mindstorms 
 Sept 19-23  
 Mon Lemon Battery / Using Multimeters 
 Tues Ohm's Law and Resistors / Resistors  
 Wed Mindstorms / Test Review 
 Thur Test / Mindstorms Challange 
 Fri Lightbot Review 
 Sept 26-30  
 Mon Lightbot Discussion / Ohm's Law Lab  
 Tues Ohm's Law Lab 
 Wed Ohm's Law Lab / Programming with NXC Reading: Programming NXC Chapters 1 and 2  / Optional: More About Motors Page 31-33 stop at PID Control
 Thur Programming with NXC / Robotics Club Meeting 
 Fri Mindstorms Challenge 1 Due: Ohm's Law Lab Reading: Engineering Process
 Oct 3-7  
 Mon Engineering Process / Programming Review / Challange 
 Tues Mindstorms Challenge 1 - Learning to Code NXC 
 Wed Mindstorms Challenge 1  
 Thur Mindstorms Challenge 1 / Robotics Club Meeting 
 Fri Mindstorms Challenge 2 - Speed Challenge 
 Oct 10-14  
 Mon Thanksgiving - Have a nice day off! 
 Tues Gears Lab 
 Wed Gears Lab 
 Thur Speed Challenge Due: Gears Lab
 Fri VEX Tools and Safety / Captains / Design Discussions 

Orientation Week

 Date     Item Due
 Sept 5-9  
 Mon Labour Day 
 Tues Icebreaker game 
 Wed Hardware - Building a PC 
 Thur Computer Lab setup  
Fri Workshop tour.  

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