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Quiz 1 Review

TEJ4 / Quiz Review

Work with a partner and create a review sheet. Work on one each. Organize your handouts and notes in a binder. Put your review sheet in there too - maybe at the front or back.

Components / Logic Chips / Half and Full Adder / Binary

Components listed in Blue Book (not complex chips) - name, schematic and one line of what it does.

Binary. Converting between binary and decimal, decimal to binary.

Logic gates. Schematics, truth tables. Boolean symbols.

Half and full adders. Truth tables. Understand diagram. Perhaps bonus question to draw one(?)

Some example questions:

What is the schematic for a capacitor? In one line what does it do?

Fill in the table for the AND gate:
SchematicBoolean SymbolTruth Table

Convert the following to binary: 75, 127

Convert the following to decimal: 0011 1100, 0101 1010.

What are the three inputs and two outputs for the full adder?