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TEJ4M1 - Computer Engineering

This Week - Working with Arduino
Reminders - 

Units: Safety / Electronic Components / Advanced Circuits  
Theory / Robotics
Research Projects and Presentations / Summative / Exam

Resources: Engineering Blue Book | Robotics with the Boe Bot | Handouts | Curriculium | Overview

you would need to try to modify things a bit and do an extended write up of what you did and how it works.

Arduino Project 

 Date     Item Due
 Apr 28  


Unix and Networking 

 Date     Item Due
 Apr 18  
 Wed Setup Ubuntu on Testing PCs 
 Thur Work on Unix Tutorials 1, 2, 5, 3, 4
 Fri Unix Tutorials 
 Apr 23  
 Mon Unix Tutorials 
 Tues Help Robotics Prepare 
 Wed Networking: Red Book Ch 2, Questions 1-13 
 Thur Technology and Environment Assignment  
 Fri Career Assignment 

Complex Circuits / Microcontrollers

 Date     Item Due
 Mar 5  
 Mon Decade Counter Lab 
 Tues Decade Counter Lab
 Wed Finish Decade Counter 
Thur Intro to Arduino 
 Fri Test Quiz: Advanced Circuits, Grey Code, Flip Flops, Simplifying Logic Circuits, Sum of Products
  Have a great March Break! 
 Mar 19  
 Mon Arduino Setup 
 Tues Arduino Foundations and Lab Decade Counter Lab
 Wed Flashing LEDs 
 Thur Input Switches 
 Fri Arduino Analogue Outs 
 Mar 26  
 Mon Extra Lab Work Period Arduino Foundations Lab Due
 Tues LED Matrix Circuit
 Wed Soldering Matrix 
 Thur Work Period 
 Fri Work Period 
 Apr 2  
 Mon Work Period 
 Tues Work Period 
 Wed Work Period 
 Thur Work Period 
 Fri Good Friday 
 Apr 9  
 Mon Easter Monday 
 Tues LED Matrix Report 
 Wed Matrix Report 
 Thur Arduino Door Decorating Matrix Report Due
 Fri Review 
 Apr 16  
 Mon Review 
 Tues Arduino Quiz 

Digital Logic / Data Representation

 Date     Item Due
 Feb 13  
 Mon Complete 3 Bit Adder / Subtractor / Portfolio 
 Tues Quiz / Labs Checked / Encoders and Decoders / Handout
 Read: Blue Book p195-208
 Wed Encoders and Decoders / Boolean Algebra Laws 
Thur Labs Compleltion 
 Fri PA Day / Family Day Monday 
 Feb 20  
 Mon Family Day 
 Tues Curr Discussion / Overview  
 Wed Labs Completition 
 Thurs Circuit Simplification 
 Fri Robotics Prep 
Feb 27   
Mon  Review Circuit Simplification / Review Encoder, Decoder, 555 Read Muttiah 151-157
 Tues Flip Flops - Blue Book 7.8.1 NOR, 7.82 NAND 
 Wed JK Flip Flop Clocked D Flip Flop / Intro Tina 
 Thur Muttiah Activity 11 Counter 
 Fri Decade Counter / Project Research  Test: Wed, Mar 7

Orientation Week

Adders / Subtractors / Binary

 Date     Item Due
 Feb 6  
 Mon Electronic Components - Blue Book 6.1 - 6.1.6 
 Tues Activity: Adders 7.1.1, 7.1.2
 Wed Subtractors 7.2.1, 7.2.2 
Thur Finish Labs, Discussion, Chain together 
 Fri Quiz Review In Library Work on Quiz 1 Review  Quiz and Labs Checked: Tuesday, Feb 14th: Quiz Covers: Blue Book 6.1-6.23, Adders, Subtractors Binary, Octal, Hex
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