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Presentation Rubric

  1 2 3 4L 4M 4H

- counts only if not withen time limit
  timing too long or too short    

- how well is your overall presentation organized?
- major issues with organization  
- no logical flow to presentation
- some problems with organization 
- presentation not very logical overall
- good organization without any major issues- very well organized - excellent organized, very logical flow 
- as level 4M but with some kind of creative and/or additional unique feature to further improve organization
(see list of skills below)

- demonstration of excellent presenter skills and preparedness
- engagement with audience
- very poor skills
- presenter seem very unprepared
- presenters seem somewhat unprepared
-not demonstrating good presenter skills
 - presenters prepared
- good skills overall
- presentation is engaging
- presentation is interesting and has some creativity
- excellent presentation
- excellent presenter skills
- keeps attention with strong creativity, organization, enthusiasm
- flawless presenter skills
- excellent creativity, organization and enthusiasm

- Steve Jobs like engagement
- everyone fully engaged by presentation

- is content researched, written, and prepared well?
 - numerous issues listed in level 2
- incomplete work
 - content has a few issues where research is either incomplete or somehow incorrect
- problems with written portion of presentation, incorrect spelling, grammar, etc.
- content not meeting expectation in any other way
 - content is researched and well written content very well researched, presentor able to able to answer questions and  Presenter knows much more about topic then is included in presentation, able to answer practically any questions about content.presenter has mastered all of the content about the subject, Encyclopedic knowledge of topic. Presenter can answer any questions about topic.

is the presentation designed well, is it visually interesting
- are images used to reinforce the message?
- is text used effectively, in point form with titles?
- are effects and transitions used effectively?
 - very poorly designed presentation with little or not attention given to design - design has some problems such as too much text, unreadable text, not enough attention given to use of graphics, etc. - overall well designed presentation with effective use of text - very well designed with excellent use of text
- very well designed
- as 4L with creative design and attention to overall aesthetic- beautiful graphic design and effects, very creative with a truly professional look and feel 

Good Presenter Skills 

(see Delivery in rubric)

  • Good eye contact
  • Good volume with some dynamics
  • Speaking slowly
  • Engaged with audience and enthusiasm for topic
  • Excellent use of eye contact
  • Prompting questions and promoting some discussion