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Use of Computer and School Equipment


Drop Off Folder

The drop off folder is for handing in work. You drop off work in a folder with the name: firstname-lastname. Just like that! Don't put anything else in the folder name!

The drop off folder can be found be going to the shortcut A Y Jackson Secondary School on the desktop. You then click on Drop Off and then the course name. Inside this you will see a list of assignments. You can NOT open the assignment folder. You must drop off your work ON TOP of the assignment folder.

Please follow these directions for work in our classes
  1. Create a folder with your name, ie.: Lastname-Firstname
  2. Place all your work in your folder.
  3. Drop the folder into Drop Off folder for the correct assignment.
If you need to re-submit let your teacher know and they will delete your old folder.

Home Drive

You should save all of your course work in your home drive (your H: drive under My Computer). You should create a folder for your course and keep everything inside of the folder. Don't save your work on the desktop. 

Worked saved in your home drive is backed up by the board. Don't save your work on the desktop. 

Do not delete any of your classwork until the course has concluded. You may need past assignments for studying and you may be required to present past assignments at the end of the course.

Handing In Correct File Types

Students should pay close attention to the requirments of each assignment and make sure that they hand in the appriopriate file type as required. Handing in the wrong file type can result in losing a lot of marks due to the fact that evidence of work maybe not be viewable during assesment. For instance a Photoshop assignment might require a PSD from the versoin of Photoshop we are using in school. Handing in a JPEG or a PSD from a new version will result in not being able to see layers, use of filters and other aspects that might be part of the evaluation.

Sending Work Home

If you need to send work home then you can use a few techniques:
  • The best to work with your files is to access them through AW - see this link

Working At Home

You must work on your assignments during assigned class time. Not working on your assignment during class time and then dropping a completed assignment that I have not seen you working in class will result in a mark of 0. As your teacher I must have evidence of work being done.

If you need more time you may certainly work at other times. You can arrange time at lunch with your teacher. You can also work at home if needed.

If you choose to work at home be very careful about using the same version of software. If for instance you download a trial of Photoshop that is newer then our version then you may have problems opening the newer saved version at school. Most assignments will require that I see your work in the application - ie. seeing layers and other edits. If you can not open your work in the application at school then I will not be able to give you marks for those parts of the assignment.

Some applications maybe signed out from the library - these applications should be the same version that we are using in school. Please talk to the librarian about what is available. Other applications are free and available online - make sure that you download the same version that we are using at school whenever possible. If in doubt discuss with your teacher before your assignment is due.

Equipment and Storage Cupboards

Students are not to help themselves to equipment in the storage cupboards - instead they are to ask their teacher if they can sign-out a piece of equipment - this includes all equipment used in class including headphones, cameras, card readers, etc.

When signing out equipment students are responsible for the care and safe keeping of the equipment. Any equipment that is lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise not returned in the condition it was signed out in will need to be repaired or replaced at the expense of the student(s) who signed it out.

Use of Macs

Our Macs are to be used for specific applications only, including Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier and a few other tasks. Macs are to be signed out on the blackboard only after checking with your teacher. Some projects will have assigned time to use the Macs, failure to be prepared for the assigned time will result in losing that time and there may not be additional time available afterwards.

Filming and Working Outside of the Classroom

Students are to work outside of the classroom only with teacher permission and only on projects that are approved for doing so such as filming for a video project. While working outside of the classroom it is the responsibility of students to respect other classes and work quietly while in the hallways and other parts of the school. Students are only allowed to go outside of the building after receiving permission from their teacher. Students are never allowed to leave school grounds when working outside. All classroom rules still apply while working outside of the classroom and students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner.